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The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 14th August 2009

It is bikini time and as normal us girls, and a few of the boys, have been doing the old ‘bikini blitz regime’. This consists of us storming to the gym everyday, sweating blood on the cross trainer, beginning some stupid unrealistic cayenne-maple-dont-eat-anything-for-five-days diet (which results in us binging on chocolate at 3am on day 6) just to shed those few pounds before the dreaded unveiling of the bikini body that first day of the holiday. This is exhausting and normally very unsuccessful.

Want something a little easier? Bliss has the answer. The world renown beauty spa that was founded in 1996 in New York City’s fashionable SoHo has just the thing to make for feel and look toned and sexy this summer. Their best product line is the anti-cellulite collection FatGirl. The line includes FatGirlSlim a dimple-diminishing cream, Himalayan Pink Salt FatGirlScrub, FatGirlSleep night cream and LoveHandler.

It is the FatGirlScrub that is causing a huge stir. Packed with 60 per cent Himalayan pink salt that stimulates circulation when rubbed into the skin and improves the appearance of all those nasty little lumps and bumps. The red algae in the product alway helps reduce water retention and the mint and grapefruit extracts leave your skin feeling alive and fresh. So this is a product that must be in the suitcase this holiday.

And why not throw in the LoveHandler that will tackle those slightly wobbly bits around your waist and tummy. The gel is formulated to gentle over 8 hours release caffeine that naturally has a metabolic stimulating action and creatine that is naturally an organic complex made up of amino acids helping to energize the muscle cells.

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