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The Handbook

By now you are probably aware that the infamous, fashion photographer Rankin is searching for real models to photograph as part of a project on British Style. In a quest to discover representatives who capture the sense of what it is to be British, Rankin is looking for eccentric and enthusiastic volunteers to take part in an interactive exhibition.

The project, known as Rankin Live! Is due to end September 18th and the goal is to shoot around 1,000 people who touch socially, historically and culturally what it is to be British; and with an average of around fifty people per day, Rankin is hard at work.

Although the huge publicity attached to this exhibition has made it somewhat ubiquitous, Rankin is keen to point out that this is not a PR stunt and that all profits will go to Oxfam, (the idea originally came to him when he was shooting in a refugee camp in Congo, for Oxfam.)

Despite being renowned for his works of beautiful women, Rankin mentions that this project has reminded him “of the importance of shooting people as people.” Rankin’s skill is drawing out the truth and “realness” of a person, hooking into their personality and capturing something so subtle and acute they might not even be aware of it themselves.

To support Rankinlive! Apply online at before 18th September 2009