Beauty for Boys

1st October 2009

pacifica day spa

It seems that beauty parlours are no longer just for girls. Pacifica day spa, which has remained head girl of beauty salons around Notting Hill, has admitted that 40% of their clients are men and after a friend tried out their treatments, it’s no surprise why. The boutique and relaxing environment is geared towards privacy, meaning there’s no worries that you’ll be bumping into any one you don’t want to.

Almost a first for spas, there’s an individual sauna, so for once you will not be cozying up to strangers like in the usual unisex ones. It even has infrared heaters that pierce muscles deeply, perfect for strained muscles or simply normal relaxation. The spa also adds that they host parties – work, hen,stag – with food brought in from Ottelenghi or other stores.

However, it’s not just the added bonuses that make this head and shoulders above the rest, it’s the treatments themselves which keep the waiting list permanently bulging.

My friend tried out their massage and facial, which are normally altered slightly to suit the client and their lifestyle, making it yet again a more personal experience. Like most people who work on computers, he had tight knots which are conducive to sitting at a desk all day. The therapist asks your preference of pressure, even giving you a ‘safe word,’ in case it becomes too much, and gradually the knots – a build up of lactic acid – are finally broken down.

With their facial treatments, Pacifica recommends Elemis and Dermalogica. After massaging and examining his face, the therapist notes what needs to be looked at: sensitivity, ingrown hairs or other irritancies from general wear from razors and weather. During his facial he was also given the ozone treatment which helps dry out blemished skin by treating it with O3.

Yet, if for some reason facials, pampering and an hour and a half devoted to you doesn’t sound appealing, there are even couple rooms, where you can have treatments together. Although, from what I see, it’s clear my fresh-faced friend will definitely be returning, I’ll see him at yoga later on.

1 Courtnell St

London, W2 5BU

020 72431718

Pacifica day spa will shortly be opening in Hampstead

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