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The Handbook
Margaret Dabbs Oxygen Capsule

Unlike some pedicurists, Margaret Dabbs is a trained chiropodist so when you visit her spa in Marylebone your feet will be treated from the inside and out.

On arriving Margaret gives your feet a thorough examination, checking for flat feet, calluses and general all round health. After scanning them and giving a diagnosis, they are then buffed until they are as smooth as babies’ skin. Throughout the treatment, Dabbs uses items which she likens to dentist’s equipment, which are small and unmenacing instruments used to perfect the finishing result. Dabbs is in constant communication with you, suggesting shoes that might help as well as guiding you through her treatment process. She also uses her own products, which soften and relax the feet and it’s easy to see why the products have been awarded the Instyle winner 2009.

While having my feet treated, another therapist buffed, filed and moisturised my cuticles. This is the beauty of Margaret Dabbs’ spa. They cater for top businessman with no time and are used to giving fast and efficient results.

After my initial treatment, I was lead into the reflexology room and even though my feet already felt lighter, after 25 minutes of reflexology they practically moulded into the floor. Not only did the reflexologist guide me through what was going on in my body, revealing that aches at a certain point indicated my sinuses were blocked and I was about to get a cold, but she also was able to put me into such a state of relaxation that I practically floated upstairs to have the final polish applied. Although you really don’t need any polish after Dabbs has buffed your toes so thoroughly, I had Rococo’s sulphur free Bright Young Things applied and the effect so impressed me that I bought the nail varnish.

While waiting for your polish to dry, the spa recommends you try the Oxygen Capsule which is only for fifteen minutes but has astounding results. Not only has it been discovered that Oxygen can help cure cancer but also on a lesser note it can help improve skin, concentration and sleep deprivation, so it is definitely worth trying out the capsule.

There are countless reasons to go to Margaret Dabbs. She certainly is top of her game for pedicures and the combination of health and beauty seems finely tuned in this spa. More beauty spas should take note.

Margaret Dabbs,  No. 7, New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UU

020 7487 5510