No Frizz

For years hair products have been claiming they can give volume, de-frizz and generally revamp your dead tresses with one large scoop of their product, so beauty lovers might be forgiven for being dubious about another product – ‘No Frizz’ – vying for global success.  However, this one looks more promising…

To start with it is the brainchild of Professor Robert Langer, a prize-winning Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) chemist, so this time we are in the hands of a scientist.  Although a slight diversion from his other medical feats, such as growing ears on the back of mice or creating blood vessels from stem cells, renowned chemical engineer Langer believes, “if we can find solutions for some of the toughest medical challenges, we should certainly be able to cure frizz.” 

Their selling point is that most products use silicone to make hair de-frizz, however this wears off and Langer points out, “it doesn’t keep moisture out that well.”  Instead, ‘No Frizz’ seals the hair with a coating of man-made polymer called PolyFluroEster, which prevents humidity from going in and out and therefore stopping the hair from frizzing.

The customer will be able to choose from sprays or creams, which should be applied to the hair after washing and before drying.  The hair can then be styled as usual.  ‘No Frizz’ has already won several beauty awards in America, and the manufacturers claim they are being swamped with letters of gratitude from their customers.   

Sadly it is only stocked in the US and Australia at the moment but will be coming to the UK soon, so if you want to see if their claims are true or if this is just another hype, look out for No Frizz in stores next year.

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