The Welbeck Clinic

28th October 2009


Welbeck Clinic

There’s little secret as to why Welbeck clinic has been featured on ’10 years younger’ and won the private dentistry of the year award.  Everything about this whitewashed paradisiacal surgery breathes beauty and glamour. Never before have trips to the dentist been so enjoyable and with flip books of celebrity smiles, not to mention staff’s dazzling teeth it’s difficult not to be hooked from the moment you walk in. 

The Welbeck clinic is renowned for housing the most experienced cosmetic dental surgeons in London.  Although the clinic offers numerous suggestions for your teeth, such as gum sculpting, cosmetic bonding, porcelain crowns and many more, it is the tooth whitening that has always been so alluring.  The Welbeck clinic offers two types of whitening: home whitening or laser whitening and I decided on their recommendation of the Zoom2! Laser. 

The whole process takes four sessions.  In the first ten minute session the dentist examines your teeth, explains the process and answers your questions, such as whether it will be painful or will they be too white – I envisioned Ross from Friend’s experience, where his teeth were so white they glowed in the dark.  I also was curious to know how long it lasted – roughly three years but this includes the home whitening kit which you would use to ‘top up’ when necessary. 

The next two meetings involve a mouth guard fitting and instructions on how to use it.  The three sessions are short but with careful attention to detail, hardly surprising when they have such an impressive high profile client list.  Although the actual whitening is at first a little daunting, your surgeon carefully talks you through exactly what they are doing.  It’s an almost pain free forty five minute experience, with merely the last fifteen minutes causing a slight sensitivity.  However, this should go down by the next day and the clinic even gives you a ‘relief cream.’  Instructions are given to only eat and drink white products, meaning coffee and red wine are out, and then you’re on your way.

The result is subtle yet significant. The changes are not the Hollywood bright that I was slightly afeard of, but a row of flawlessly, but naturally, white teeth.  These highly skilled experts know how to produce exceptional results to suit their client which is the reason why they have been leading the way in cosmetic dental excellence for fifteen years.

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