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By | 23rd October 2009

Water on the Lens

Water on the Lens is a new photographic exhibition by underwater photographer and commercial diver Phoebe Rudomino.  The shots capture behind-the-scene images of underwater shoots for film, television, commercial and pop video and feature Keira Knightley, Sharon Stone, Jared Leto and Matt Lucas among sets from Elizabeth the Golden Age, Casino Royale and Da Vinci Code.

The uniquely beautiful images were taken at the iconic Pinewood Studios which contains U Stage, an underwater Stage which houses a permanently filled water tank, holding 1.2 million litres of water and a water-filming facility.  Rudmino explains that “U Stage provides such a secure and comfortable water filming environment that we’re able to produce almost any type of underwater production shoot.”  She adds “The scenes are truly fascinating to capture.”

The photographs are now being shown at The Movieum till 28th October.

The Movieum, County Hall, Riverside Building, SE1 7PB

020 7202 7040

Mon-Fri 10-5pm, Sat-Sun 10-6pm