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The Handbook
Olga Tights

Bordello is not only a euphemism for brothel but the home of some of the most interesting hosiery and lingerie.

Based in the East End, director Michele Scarr wanted to bring back old style glamour to her store. Her hosiery selection is therefore designed by Bebaroque tights and is full of quirky, mischievous twists which give it an inimitable quality.   Using either Geisha design embellishment or pink tassles, the effect is distinctive and adds an elegant edge to the stockings.

The most popular to date are the tattoo tights, which are adorned with ornate hand drawn tattoo images and are so delicate that they almost look like lace.  However, this antique quality is counterbalanced with their modern style.  The Tattoo tights are also now available in 80 denier so that they’re warm and strong while at the same time á la mode.

Starting from £27 they are available at Bordello

55 Gt Eastern St London


020 7503 3334