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Father and son jewellery designers, Noel and James Boyd, have just launched their first collection of Stack Rings.  The UK based jewellery label, which goes by the name of Daisy, uses different motifs such as butterflies, bees and dragonflies, or vibrant stones for each ring, giving each one their own character.

The rings come in either pure silver, pure gold or a combination of both and are designed to be collected over the years, so that the colours and styles can mix and match.  By creating the interchangeable stack rings for exactly this purpose, the jewellery instantly becomes the wearers’ own design, moulding to their style and making them completely unique.  The motifs are also specifically set to different heights so that they create the illusion of a three dimensional effect.

The co-creators state that: “the diverse nature of this collection means you can dress them up together for a sharper statement look or mix and match for a simpler laid back feel”.

Starting at £22-£55