The Handbook
The Handbook

My dry, dull, sensitive skin was crying out for an SOS.  I needed to act fast – no one gets very far with a face like that.

So where to start? I looked under the ultimate umbrella of luxury treatments at Urban Retreat Harrods, confident that something there could save my skin.

I wasn’t disappointed. After discussing my concerns with the extremely knowledgeable staff, it seemed that I really was in need of a ‘miracle’, in the form of the famous ‘Crème de la Mer’ facial.

My therapist, Nancy, came to my rescue and the facial was a truly luxurious experience. Urban Retreat Harrods has the only Crème de la Mer treatment room in the entire world and I felt incredibly privileged to be in it. The room has a state of the art fish tank and chakra balancing lights; a recipe for relaxation.

Now for ‘the science’ part. The crème de la crème of facials visibly acts to transform the appearance of the face and décolletage. Skin is massaged, softened and refined with a combination of sea quartz and pure diamond dust, preparing it to receive a pure concentration of the legendary Miracle BrothTM providing smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties. A generous application of Crème de la Mer seals in the facial’s vital benefits. Finally, a therapeutic hand massage takes you to the ultimate stage of relaxation, which focus’s on pressure points to encourage a sense of well-being. The end of the treatment is signalled by the sound of synchronised tuning forks, which rather reluctantly bring you back into the land of the living.

I left the magical room feeling relaxed but most importantly, my face looked and felt renewed. No longer dry and dull, my skin glowed and felt fantastically hydrated. It’s true what they say. Crème de la mer does work miracles but it also saves lives.

The Crème de la Mer facial includes after a thorough consultation:



Skin Analysis



Face Massage

Miracle Broth Application

Hand and Arm Massage