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The Handbook
By | 5th April 2010

Ok we know cars are supposed to be the spawn of satan but if heaven is a tube carriage on the Victoria line then we’ll happily see you in hell with the top down.

At the Volvo Starlite Urban Drive-In to be precise.




Vauxhall no longer has the monopoly on cool automotive events. Jumping on the band (or should we say station) wagon is Volvo which is supplying a fleet of 20 cars for the project which launches on 1 July at Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery with a star-studded premiere followed by public screenings of Eclipse (the third in the Twilight saga) on 2 & everyone’s favourite classic, Grease on 3 July.

We’re talking soundtrack on the stereo, rollerskating waitresses, cocktails and popcorn aplenty and obligatory snogging on the backseat!

Expect ushers to show you to seats in the shape of the marque’s C30 and XC60 models – cunningly product placed in Twilight and New Moon – and if you luck out (and it’s not raining) you might even score a C70 convertible!

Shameless marketing stunt as maybe but utterly brilliant nonetheless!

The idea for Starlite came from Damian Barr, brains behind Silent Cinema, purportedly had its genesis somewhere on Route 66 and the initiative is carbon neutral as well.

July 1st, 2nd & 3rd at The Old Truman Brewery, 91Brick Lane, E1