Greek Calorie Counter

26th May 2010

It’s always seemed a bit strange that McDonalds is the highest profile chain to offer calorie counters on its menus. Let’s face it, regulars of those Golden Arches are surely the least likely to care how many calories they are consuming – surely that’s why track-pants have elasticated waistlines…

So it’s good to see that The Real Greek has jumped into the fray with its calorie counter on every dish on the menu.  Greek food is pretty damn healthy in any case as it’s rich in unsaturated fats from fish and olive oil but it’s nice to have your healthy choices recognized.

Crudites with tzatziki weigh in at 146kcal while the Melitzanosalata option (a fragrant blend of smoked aubergine, garlic, shallots & lemon) is 210kcal. Then grilled kalamari in a sticky Greek honey and paprika marinade will set you back 247kcal, Bifteki (handmade British beef patties with spring onions and minted yoghurt) 253kcal and grilled halloumi served with house-pickled cucumber and red cabbage 223kcal.

The larger Souvlaki – meat or halloumi grilled over charcoal, before being wrapped in signature flatbread with tzatziki and tomato relish comes in at between 402 and 480kcal depending on your choice of filling.

And while we wouldn’t advocate becoming obsessed or anything, Cos salad with sultana dressing is a button-popping 42kcal.

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