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Louis Vuitton’s sparkling reputation as a premium quality brand has come under fire after advertising watchdogs found the French design house guilty of misleading customers with their advertisments.

The advertisements depict a ‘seamstress with linen thread and beeswax’ and go on to emphasize the ‘infinite patience’ that’s required to construct the Louis Vuitton bags. One problem. The bags are not actually made by hand.

In an attempt to defend itself, Louis Vuitton argued the ads pay ‘homage to the craftsmanship’ of its employees rather than an accurate portrayal of the manufacturing process. However, after being challenged by the ASA, the designers admitted that sewing machines had been used, but said production of the bags was ‘not automated’ and that there were over 100 stages in the making of each bag.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) will today ban both advertisements. 

It seems the only people Louis Vuitton stitch up are themselves.