Lubatti revolution in skin care

20th June 2010

With Summer on its way, we can throw away those thick winter creams, and say hello to a summer glow. Now I have tried practically every skin cream under the roof to try and get rid of dry facial skin, either the cream is too thick and and makes skin look dull, or it’s too light and does not quite do the trick.  Nothing seemed to work until a friend of mine suggested I tried the Lubatti Skincare Collection which is an exclusive and timeless range of luxury skincare products that have stood the test of time. 

The products were inspired and developed using secret recipes, which date back as far as the late 1920s and have been brought to life by Tracey Malone.  These recipes originally belonged to Madame Lubatti, who was a doyenne of her time, a homeopath and a respected skincare expert who hand-mixed skincare products for society ladies and English royalty.  The great thing about the cream is that the ingredients in them are very natural and nourishing for the skin, the lubatti day cream for example, contains all of those really natural ingredients such as aloe vera, and evening primrose oil.  In previous desperate attempts for great skin, I have even tried applying evening primrose oil from a health food shop directly to my skin, but I ended up smelling of raw egg and my face looked so oily that one could practically fry an egg on it! however Lubatti cleverly blends all of the ingredients together to give you the benefits of the oils, with a beautiful spell, and a youthful glow.

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