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By | 30th July 2010

City analysts have long been touting China as the future and now it seems they may have to extend their philosophy to the country’s street cuisine as well.

Now is a new Chinese street food concept store at Liverpool Street Station purveying steaming hexagonal baskets of freshly cooked dumplings, buns and rolls to grab and go.

Inspired by the street stands of Southern China, lunch sees chive and coriander dumplings and chicken won ton soup jostling with salads, prawn balls, seafood sticky rice, hoi sin duck rolls and chocolate and chilli mousse to finish.

Grazing options include seaweed prawn crackers and black sesame and goji berry snaps and for a healthy Shanghai breakfast, nothing beats Chinese rice milk porridge with vanilla, palm sugar, mango and lime although the more adventurous might like to switch their bacon buttie for a char sui pork roll.

Drink lychee and ginger or pear an kumquat iced tea, fresh juices of carrot and ginger or even a a virgin wasabi mary!

Futuristic black and neon packaging mirrors Niclas Sellebraten’s and MACH Design’s interiors of boldĀ  black lacquer surfaces and vibrant murals from Shanghai street signs.

We’d like a West End branch please. Now!