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By | 15th November 2010

Even though he was a man of few words, Paul Newman in his prime would have made a good spokesperson for men’s grooming brand Jack Black, whose authentic, effective, and handsomely packaged products for the guy’s guy don’t need much selling.  The latest addition to their line is a rugged fragrance that evokes the ideal American man – an effortlessly attractive, cool, and deeply masculine bloke whose taste isn’t swayed by trends.  “I wanted it to be utterly unique – nothing mass or predictable – and to bring the man of today to life through scent,” said perfume savant Jerome Epinette of Robertet, the world-renowned fragrance house with whom JB collaborated on their new creation. The scent builds on Jack Black’s credo that a grooming routine should be fuss-free and familiar, with subtly exotic components that excite but don’t overwhelm.

“I was inspired by the botanicals from Jack Black’s rich grooming heritage,” Epinette explained, like crisp Tangerine, Eucalyptus, and spicy Black Pepper.  These notes are layered against more robust and mysterious elements of Smokey Papyrus and Black Amber for a perfect blend of comfort and complexity (think zesty orange peels burning atop a wood-fired furnace.)

Hurry to Murdock’s for a bottle, and take a whiff of the Beard Lube from Jack Black’s Performance Remedy line while you’re at it.