Afternoon Momo!

6th December 2010

There’s a lot more to Momo’s Mo Café than apple tobacco hubba bubbas. Today it is launching its brand new afternoon tea where teas, pastries and sweet and savoury delights all inspired by the North African region and will be served on delicate Moroccan tiered cake stands and with traditional brass teapots sourced especially for the occasion by Mourad Mazouz himself.

Momo chef David Jones is serving up our favourite scones, mini cheesecakes and pistachio macaroons alongside smoked salmon with lemon confit, Moroccan chicken wraps and spiced vegetable quiche. Oh yes and authentic Maghrebine pastries and apple and saffron tarts.

Moroccans take their tea just as seriously as we Brits and mint tea jostles for position with more exotic varieties such as Turkish Hamman made with green dates and red fruits, Fakirs tea blended with cardamom and citrus, oriental flower black tea and, of course, Assam and Darjeeling.

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