My Major Company

14th December 2010

If you’re always hogging the iPod at parties and fancy yourself as an embryo Simon Cowell then MyMajorCompany could be the answer to your prayers. It’s a new record label that lets music fans choose which artist they want to launch, supporting them financially and artistically from the word go, getting involved at every stage throughout their development and retaining a share of the profits as well.

Unlike other artist investment sites, users will not be required to trawl through thousands of bands nor will the total investment be used for an unspecified purpose. MyMajorCompany has its own A&R department responsible for finding the best new acts in the UK and CEO Paul-Rene Albertini is ex-Chairman and CEO of Warner Music International.

From that pre-sourced selection, fans can then choose their band and invest as little as £10 or as much as £1000. Each artist must achieve £100,000 from fans before they launch. Already up and running in France, the European model now has 28 fully financed artists with a community of 98,500 registered users. Get involved!

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