Bill Cunningham New York

3rd February 2011

He’s the fashionisto who made street style a key component of any respectable fashion magazine, and whose success has spawned a thousand imitators. Far from a simple photographer, this social anthropologist has turned chronicling aesthetic trends into an art-form, producing a wealth of beautifully low-key shots of influential figures as they go about their daily lives.

Enter Mr Bill Cunningham, the infamous New York Times photographer who has long been the toast of New York Fash society and can count amongst his biggest fans and friends legendary names such as Anna Wintour, Brooke Astor and David Rockefeller. The time has finally come for a cinematic tribute to be made for the man who paved the way for modern influencers such as Scott Schuman, Garance, and a million kids who bring real, visceral style to the streets everyday.

Bill Cunningham New York is a documentary directed by Richard Press, who describes its making as a ten year process – ‘eight to convince Bill to be filmed and two to shoot and edit the film’. Relying on a tiny crew and as little equipment as possible, Press and his team worked hard to capture the life of an infamously private person – and the results promise to be fascinating.

The film will open at the New York Film Forum on March 16; it may be some time until cinemas pick it up over here, but needless to say we will be drip-fed tantalisingly fashionable snippets from across the pond.

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