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By | 14th February 2011

The superbrands are certainly tapping into the smartphone market. Chanel has long been a little app of luxury on my dashboard, and now Vuitton are joining their Parisian compatriots with a lifestyle application called Amble.

The concept is simple – a digital travel diary, made for the discerning jetsetter. Vuitton already carved a niche for themselves within the travel industry with their much-loved City Guides, shortlisting the most-wanted destinations and locations across the globe. The guides have now been digitalised, and are available to buy in full through iTunes, although Amble provides free addresses and shortened content to its users.

Amble works to record your movements on your iPhone in photo, video, audio or note format, whether that be a restaurant, shop, gallery or monument, in a personal digital itinerary named “My Amble”. The “Around Me” function points you in the right (and most fashionable) direction using GPS, and allows you to explore and document the rest – sharing your journeys along the way with friends via social media.

As if that wasn’t enough for one little application, find recommendations from some of Vuitton’s famous friends – currently featured are words of wisdom from Sofia Coppola’s New York.

Start your Amble now by downloading the free app from the iTunes Store. Stay connected with the fashion house through Facebook, twitter, youtube and Foursquare.