The Hypnotic Shop at Browns Focus

16th February 2011

Supermarkets have long been employing surreptitious tactics to get us to spend more on our weekly shop. Ever wondered why staples such as bread and milk are positioned furthest from the entrance. QED. But now designer boutique Browns Focus is getting in on the act.

Starting today, the store will use hypnotic techniques to induce customers to spend more with a crafty new initiative entitled Hypnotic Shop. It has tapped sensual artists Bompas & Parr who will deploy an array of strategies to touch people’s subconscious to get them to buy.

Window shoppers will be encouraged inside via a window display that uses optical techniques and 1930s vertigo therapy pinwheels alongside SS10’s key trends of neon and stripes paired with white. And then once you’re through the door, you’ll be beset by music overlaid with subliminal messaging such as “you’re feeling very sexy…don’t worry about the money…that Alexander Wang fits your body like a glove!”

Based on the studies of Pratkanis, Eskenazi and Greenwald, it will also discourage shoplifters with the message “don’t take it or you’ll get caught.” Even the cleaning products will be spiked with micro-encapsulated vanilla scents – studies at Washington State University have found that such ‘female’ scents can double the sale of women’s clothing! Like you needed any encouragement…

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