The Handbook
The Handbook

People throughout the world have been enjoying the habitual ritual of tea drinking, for over 350 years. Since its materialisation, tea has transcended to become a vital staple in today's society, especially as more and more is discovered about the benefits of drinking it.

When it comes to tea, the options are endless. Herbal (this category commands such a vast fleet, it really should be in bold), caffeinated, non – caffeinated, with milk, with sugar, with lemon, with honey – mild, strong, bag, no bag, loose, cream/no cream, iced, hot.. yes, I'm still on the topic of tea…

So with all these options – the million dollar question is – what's the best? Well, if in doubt, I always say stick with the old trustee and in the context of tea, this can only mean one thing. (Enter fanfare, Joanna Lumely voice and picture of a cow) – Traditional English tea, accompanied by wholesome homemade scones and a hearty helping of Cornish (Cornish tradition carefully kept…) clotted cream. Heaven.

Now, where to go for this traditional tea? Repeat after me – 'Tuttons for tea'. A simple little phrase and one worth remembering. For a quintessentially British experience and to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of Afternoon Tea, this delightful haunt is the one to hit for a mid PM pick-me-up.

Tuttons Brasserie serves the tea on delicate china with crisp white napkins and customers can experience the tradition for themselves between the hours of 3.00pm – 5.00pm for £8.50. Located on the east side of Covent Garden's historic Piazza, Tuttons is within walking distance from Covent Garden and Charing Cross tube stations, opposite the Royal London Opera.

For more information or to book a table, please visit or

 Bon appe – tea!