Brit Pop

19th May 2011

Fifty years on from the explosion of the pop art movement, Eleven Fine Art presents its new exhibition Brit Pop featuring Peter Blake, Rob and Nick Carter, Daisy de Villeneuve and Jonathan Yeo. The exhibition focuses on new work by such artists who have influenced and been influenced by pop art as they continue to challenge tradition through exploiting images of mass culture.

So what can we expect? Peter Blake’s Star series depicts celebrity portraits at the height of their appeal. Incorporating iconic sex symbols from Elvis Presley to Kate Moss, each work is covered in diamond dust. Daisy de Villeneuve’s stylish illustrations have adorned t-shirts, shoeboxes, bags and homeware turning her fine art into emblems of mass produced enterprise of which her quirky signature style has become a part of its very fabric.

Rob and Nick Carter’s Postcards from Vegas series presents blown up vintage postcards with neon additions encapsulating both the light and sinister sides of urban life and teetering between nostalgia for a pre-digital age and a luminescent craving for the contemporary. Finally, Jonathan Yeo trades his painterly brush strokes for erotic scraps flesh from hard-core pornography magazines to craft his popular icons.

They say top shelf, we say top idea!  From tomorrow 20 May – 2 July.

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