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A Christmas Pizza

The Handbook
By | 24th November 2011

Italians do Christmas well. No, really. There are several feasts of Leviathan proportions … and then just a few more sprinkled on top.

But if you can’t make it down to the boot-shaped country for the festive period, why not head to a branch of Fire and Stone instead? This Christmas, they’re unveiling the ….. Christmas Pizza!

It sounds gimmicky, but is actually really rather fun. What can you find on such a pizza? A red wine gravy base topped with a medley of roast turkey breast, Brussels sprouts sautéed with pancetta, melted brie, roast potatoes, chipolatas and stuffing, finished with cranberry sauce and chopped parsley.

What true Italians would say of this rather modern concoction …. well, is best left for them to discuss about over some Sunday lunch tagliatelle.

But we say it’s delicious.

Only available until 31st December.