The Handbook
The Handbook

The silly season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the ‘silliness’ has to end.

Floridita – in Wardour Street – is still very much in the party spirit.

They are hosting Drag-Queen Dance-Classes – led by the dancing drag troupe, The Globe Girls – from 18th January onwards.

It’s billed as the ‘latest exercise craze’, but what exactly is one signing up for? Well, there’s a full-on dance routine to be enjoyed, lots of fun, laughter, glitter and fun … but in the end, it’s all designed to improve and work on muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and core strength.

If you want to channel Britney and Gaga, this is the place for you. Though you do have to like sequins … each pupil is expected to don either spandex or lame during the class. Oh and high heels are obligatory (EVEN in training).

Up to it? Go on, shake off those extra lbs by having fun. Much better than running around the park…