In case you are in dire need of a diet, portion-cut-down and general detox but are too shy to join your equally-suffering cohorts in saying so at the gym, there is help at hand in Notting Hill. Well, sort of. Supperclub London – situated in Notting Hill – is lending (an interesting kind) of a helping hand. Admit yourself to their Supperclub Maximum Security Rehab Centre .. and they are promising to have your ailments solved in no time. Here, 'the road to recovery involves performance therapy, massage therapy and nutritious food' .. all helped along by the 'hottest nurses in London' who will be holding your hand along the way. And how could we not believe them? This is, after all, the venue that has acquired fame through its unique form of risqué entertainment, DJs and recline-while-you-eat gourmet attractions.

Want to be cured of your January excess? Supperclub London – the institution that has followed in the footsteps of the popular Amsterdam version – is the place to be this month.

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