The Handbook
The Handbook

It was originally created as a temporary dining experience by former BBC producer, cook and author Philip Dundas – who penned the fabulously popular, ‘Cooking Without Recipes’. (After all, aren't we a bit fed up with being told exactly how and what to cook everytime we get to a hob?)

But we hear great things about the Islington Pop Up, which is set up in The Garage, an old Citroen repair workshop: it's here to see us through the festive season.

The self-styled ‘restaurant without recipes’, where all the ingredients are farm fresh and mixed together to create a daily-invented impromptu set of dishes with a modern twist, has gained an almighty popularity since its opening. But now, along with Dundas' ‘kitchen soulmate’, Mary Doherty, it's here to stay and knock the socks off all those who haven't yet savoured their talent.

The repertoire of food is so vast, that on any given evening, diners can be graced with Cumbrian black-face lamb with chicory & anchovy dressing; squid stuffed with chorizo & tomato sauce; spiced roast shoulder of mutton with fennel. But the best thing about everything to look at and enjoy in this lovely restaurant, is that it is all delivered from the trusted Islington supplier Farm Direct, meaning that the grub is reassuringly super fresh.

You just won't know what you're to eat until it hits your plate. Could it be fish from Cornwall? Beef on Friday? It's up to the chefs in the kitchen….. aren't we fortunate?