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Back to school with Hussein Chalayan

Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle
By | 3rd January 2013

“I think the experience of feeling isolated, of not fitting in, creates the urge to explore”. Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan’s observation is the jumping off point for his School of Life sermon next month. These secular events explore the values we should live by today and deal with subjects from realising our potential to whether love really does last forever. Chalayan aims to show us how not fitting in is a creative virtue that may even expand our sense of belonging. The designer spent a childhood bouncing between war-torn Cyprus and the UK. His catwalk shows are intricate performances, and his collections extend to experimental films and gallery installations, troubling those who like to keep fashion away from philosophy and art. Chalayan will share the projects that he calls his “life studies”, made to help him understand the world. One investigates how national events transform our personal identities, another changes disgust to an appreciation of beauty, and another probes the magical, inexpressible and hidden.

Sunday 10 February, 11.30am -12.45pm, £15.00