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London Eye-catching Moments

By | 7th January 2013

The London Eye has teamed up with legendary street photographer Matt Stuart to bring to life many of the inspiring perspectives that make London one of the must see places in the world. Matt has taken twelve pictures from the London Eye which capture the essence of London through its iconic skyline. He commented; ‘London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and we sometimes forget this – the pictures I have taken try to bring to life the people and the skyline of London.’

To encourage people to get out and take the opportunity to look at their capital city differently, on Saturday 19th January the London Eye will ‘Lift London’ by offering 500 free tickets for a rotation at 9.30am that day. In exchange the London Eye is asking for them to share a photo, a doodle or any other image inspired by their visit. Some of those attending on the 19th can enjoy a master class from Matt, including helpful tips on capturing great photographs and how-to tips on finding inspiration. The best photographs will be exhibited by the London Eye via Facebook.
To take part in this unique mass-art project Tweet @TheLondonEye #LiftLondon or just turn up on the day before 9:30am ready to be inspired.