Django Unchained: The Modern Western

6th February 2013

Quentin Tarantino's latest, Django Unchained, is a bold take on the old hat that is the western genre. A field which hasn't seem much air time recently is taking off this year. The Lone Ranger as well is due for release – with Johnny Depp and Armie HammerDjango Unchained is Tarantino on his best form with the gritty yet carefully constructed reality he specialises in. A stellar cast consists of some of the hottest stars this year; including Jamie Foxx. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz. The gripping story follows a German 'dentist' (Waltz) who travels in old slave-based America, picking up wanted criminals in return for cash. He emancipates a slave, Django (Foxx), to assist his money-making mission, and the pair journey to free Django's slaved wife from the clutches of a plantation-owning rogue (DiCaprio). It’s tipped for best picture against the year’s big blockbuster Les Misérables (starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman) and the more politically minded Zero Dark Thirty (starring Jessica Chastain), and has received five Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture! Django Unchained is definitely worth the hype, even if it’s just to catch a glimpse of old crowd favourites Samuel L Jackson and Jonah Hill.

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