Despite what the weather might be doing at the moment, Spring is just around the corner and that means wedding season is almost upon us. Weekends will soon be filled with invitations various weddings and that endless worry of ‘will they notice that I wore this dress to that wedding last year’. But the biggest worry must be planning a wedding, what should the colour theme be? Who should do the catering? Which venue should you hire? Well this Saturday Sarah Haywood, one of the country’s most sought after wedding planners, the guru of wedding planner if you will, is running a luxury workshop at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, for the first time in five years. As well as giving insider tips from her little black book and wealth of knowledge, the day will consist of a breakfast and sit down lunch, champagne, cocktails and cakes from leading bespoke cake makers, Peggy Porschen. But that is not all there will also be talks and demonstrations from  others who work in the wedding industry, such as Matthew Taylor from Fabulous Flowers and brilliant photographer Pippa Mckenzie. If you want your wedding to be stylish and glamorous or work in the bridal industry and are looking for more business advice, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn some tricks of the trade.

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