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The Handbook

Monopoly: a game synonymous with rainy Sunday afternoons, family arguments and childhood. Most families have an old board which has been in the family for years, a board which has Mayfair in its rightful place next to ‘Go.’ But times are changing, and now Monopoly is in electronic form, and somehow in 2011 Mayfair was given the metaphorical Monopoly boot to be replaced by Kensington Palace Gardens.

Flemings Mayfair Hotel at the heart of Mayfair is leading the national campaign to get Mayfair back on it the board with their, ‘Mayfair back in the game campaign’. On Monday 15th Flemings launched the campaign alongside residents and workers and to kick off the campaign a giant Monopoly boot has been placed outside the hotel, with four Pennybags characters spreading the word around the streets of London that ‘Mayfair is missing’.

Flemings is also launching an ePetiton which anyone can sign, which they will then take to Hasbro to make sure that this change is corrected and to put Mayfair firmly back on the Monopoly map.

To sign the ePetition click here

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