Honky Tonk’s Inaugural Eating Competition

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 28th June 2013
Honky Tonk’s Inaugural Eating Competition

Like hot dogs? Can eat quickly? Want to appear on the ‘Honk Wall of Awesomeness’? Yes? Then you need to stand up and take you place in eating history by attending the inaugural eating competition at Honky Tonk, the New York inspired restaurant in Chelsea.

Next Tuesday, get it in your diaries, the guys at Honky Tonky will be asking those who dare to wolf down ten hot dogs in just ten minutes, Man Vs. Food style.  Those who did make the mark and succeed not only get a limited edition t-shirt, get your photo up on the ‘Honk Wall of Awesomeness’ and get your hotdogs for free!  Get defeated by the hot dogs and you’re looking to pay £20, which at £2 a hot dog is still great value but who wants to get defeated?

So get practising over the weekend and head down over to Hollywood Road on Tuesday!


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