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The Gilbert Scott Gin Garden

By Emily Gray | 20th June 2013

This year is definitely turning out to be gin’s year, no longer the humble spirit only found in G+T’s,  with London still giddy from The Great Gatsby and gin has had quite a revival and now The Gilbert Scott in St Pancras are set to open their Gin Garden and we certainly can’t wait to head over for drinks.

The forecourt of the Gilbert Scott will be transformed into a traditional country garden, and guests will be able to indulge in botanical themed gin cocktails, with the help of collaborators Hendricks, perhaps swayed by the name, Lady’s Grey is definitely something we will be wanting to try – gin. Lady Grey tea and bitter lemon fizz.

But if gin is not really your thing, then fear not, (although with cocktails sounding that good, we suggest it is)  guests can still enjoy the full Gilbert Scott brunch menu including the signature George and lighter options such as pancakes, as well as bar bite and the Gilbert Scott, choc ices – hello peanut butter flavour!

Opening from Wednesday 26th June