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The Handbook

Designed by Head Mixologist Alex Kratena and his team, the multiple award winning bar, Artesian at The Langham have just launched a completely innovative and unique ‘butterfly’ cocktail menu, which will revolutionise the typical cocktail menu!

As Kratena, who received ‘Bar Personality of the Year Award’ by Imbibe Magazine  this year explains: “Cocktails should not only be delicious and also engaging. Working from this principle you can innovate and push boundaries to conjure up bold and unusual flavours and visual creations that entertain. Our butterfly menu allows drinkers to hand select their individual choices, it’s like having a professional perfumer chose your perfect scent.”

The concept sees the cocktails being presented in a circular satin aluminium folder according to flavours and style rather than just a simple ingredient list, so that guests can choose from the six combinations inspired by the travels of the team, including, ‘Delicate and Delicious’ and ‘Oriental and Floral’ according to their mood.  

But that is not all, each cocktail tells a hidden story, revealed in the ingredients and presentation, which is just as elaborate and playful as the cocktails themselves. Illustrating ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, which if you didn’t know was conceived by Oscar Wilde during a dinner held at the Langham on 30 August 1889, The Forever Young is theatrically served in a silver vessel hidden behind a mirror and scented by opium incense, its ingredients a blend of Grey Goose vodka, Martini   Extra Dry, Eucalyptus, Maraschino and Citrus. Gone are the days where decoration was an umbrella and an olive!

Another cocktail we can’t wait to try, is The Super Panda cocktail is from the Oriental and Floral flavour option and is made with Botran rum, Kamm & Son ginseng spirit, Mango, Citrus and Almond.  Its presentation includes an adorable panda balloon filled with the scent of tangerine, so that as the weight of the glass presses the balloon, the drinker is enveloped by a citrus aroma.

So whether cocktails are on your agenda or not this week, we say everyone should make a trip to Artesian; fun, mischievous and delicious, this new menu embodies exactly how cocktails should be!