New Jungle Floors at the Rainforest Cafe

19th July 2013

The Rainforest café invites you to swing deeper into the jungle as the interactive experience just got even more real. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in a world of life-like animatronic elephants, gorillas, snakes and jaguars amid the sounds of wildlife.

A new forest floor display is complete with shimmering leaves which blow beneath the feet and red-eyed frogs which hop around in the jungle flora and sauna. Cool off in the forest pond where digital fish swim happily in underfoot projections mimicking the wildlife in the tanks of the restaurant.

As the Rainforest Café grows, other jungles around the world are being ruthlessly destroyed which is why the venue is a proud sponsor of the World land trust, a charity which protects the world’s threatened habitats.

So head to the Rainforest café, a short cut trip to tropical paradise. This is no normal dining experience- the organic rainforest food and bustling noises take you on a one night family holiday into the heart of the Amazon.

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