Vodka – the world’s most popular spirit. Teamed with coke, red bull, cranberry, lime (whatever we can find really!) this versatile liquor is undoubtedly the nations favourite tipple. However, seldom is it ever enjoyed alone so we are excited to discover “Xero Vodka” and with it a new era of vodka Drinking.

Xero celebrates of the traditional Polish ritual of vodka drinking- neat and frozen from the outside; each bottle cased in an ice jacket to ensure smooth taste can be enjoyed at the optimum temperature. The stylish 20cl bottles are served on handcrafted mahogany boards and are the perfect pre dinner ice breaker, after dinner sharer or just a stylish centrepiece .

Look out for these iconic bottles as they already feature on many of London’s drinking hotspots. Xero’s four delicious flavours promise to get any party started and are returning the style and enjoyment to vodka drinking at last.

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