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The Handbook

Bringing life and trade to London and equally dividing and connecting the population, the Thames one of London’s most iconic and striking assets will be celebrated in a ten day long festival this September. Getting involved are the D & D restaurants found along the riverside which include Le Pont De La Tour, Cantina Del Ponte, Blueprint Cafe and Butler Wharf’s Chophouse, in a series of events known as the ‘Butler’s Wharf Blackout.’

They will be submerging their venues in darkness by literally ‘blacking out’ all electricity from 8:30pm throughout the evening. Not only is this wonderfully romantic as diners will be eating by candlelight, but it is also designed to heighten the senses and experience of dining by the Thames without light pollution.

The restaurants will also be holding a series of events including Ghost Bus Tours and a ‘Fire and Flambé’ night. However we are most excited about the Blackout Banquet, which will see a 40 m table, host 140 diners, work their way through a rotating menu with dishes from each of the restaurant. Throughout the festival, each restaurant will be serving a special menu, Le Pont De La Tour are focussing on locally sourced ingredients such as London cured salmon and Blueprint Cafe’s ‘Black menu’ will be serving black lentils and black potatoes among other dark treats.

So head over to the river, and get ready to experience dining by the Thames like never before! 

Reservations: 0207 940 1833