Central and Co instantly strikes me as a young, trendy, well decorated bar and diner which is perfectly situated a few minutes’ walk from the busy hubbub of Oxford Street. Large clear doors have been opened so that the tables spill out onto the street on this warm evening. Inside we are led down the long dining space and situated nearer the bar, a perfect location as soon as I spy the tempting cocktail menu.

We started off with a Lemon and vanilla martini, and instantly found our favourite accompaniment for the evening. I dabbled into the Caffeine ol’Fashioned but it proved too overpowering for my girlish taste buds, with Woodford reserve bourbon, brown sugar, orange zest, and chocolate and espresso bitters.

For the starter we opted for the Raw vegetable platter, raw vegetables you say? Have I gone mad? No no, I had just been eying up the pea mousse it comes served with. The mousse isn’t entirely how I would describe the pea texture as its creaminess holds a closer resemblance to a brulee. Description technicalities aside, it was a delicious, mostly healthy, beginner to the meal.

The Grilled flank steak was simple and needed no fuss, it was served rare as requested with hand cut chips, slow roasted tomato and horseradish cream. The Red onion and blue cheese pastry tart was a tantalising taste sensation with sweet red onion flavours being interrupted by the sharp saltiness of the cheese, the spinach on top counts as a neutraliser to refresh the taste buds before each mouthful. The tart is served with a contrasting pear and walnut salad.

For pudding the limelight of the Apple, pear, oat and almond crumble was easily stolen by the honeycomb ice cream it came served with. Each bite of the ice cream revealed a swirl of caramel or a chunk of actual honeycomb which served as a mildy amusing game. A slightly odd combination of Beetroot and chocolate brownie was lost on me, as a hater of beetroot I felt that it ruined an otherwise delicious, gooey brownie. Again the side could have stolen the show here, with small blob of white chocolate mousse, (much more like mousse than pea mousse from earlier) being modestly placed next to the brownie.



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