The Handbook
The Handbook

Mestizo, which means a mix of everything, is a Mexican restaurant that lives by its namesake drawing inspiration for their food with a mix of 10 Mexican states. Leave behind your idea of tex mex as this is authentic Mexican food, made by people who have clearly grown up eating and creating these dishes.

The food here is really traditional, which is never more apparent once the starter of Tamales Costenos had arrived. The tamales comprise of corn maize filled with your choice of pork with morita chile, pollo pibil or beans & cheese wrapped in a banana leaf, and then steamed. Two parcels of this stodgy yet satisfying starter proved too much as it left little room for the main.

Said main were the Enchiladas filled with potato, covered in a pumpkin sauce and served with rice and a pot of black beans. The enchiladas were pleasant if not a little light on flavour with the pumpkin sauce border lining in blandness. The Pollo Sinaloense was a melt in your mouth half chicken marinated in Mexican spices and chillies, served with rice and beans, that had a much better dose of flavour thanks to the spicy sauce.

The Pastel 3 leches pudding tasted very home cooked again with 3 milks (condensed, evaporated and double cream) absorbed into layers of sponge.

Mestizo boasts an impressive tequila selection with a towering selection behind the bar tempting diners. I indulged in the Fresh Fruit Mother Margarita which consists of Tequila, Cabrito, Joven, triplesec, syrup de gomme and a choice of fruit. I sampled the strawberry flavour…and mango…and kiwi.

The owner Marysol Alvarado is also hosting a Gastronomic Festival running from 4-14th September that culminates with Mexican Independence Day on 15th September where a range of speciality dishes will be served. On 16th September Curate la Cruda (cure the hangover) will see an end to the festivities. There will also be authentic Mexican trinkets and dress being sold downstairs.