The Handbook
The Handbook

Up until now I had always thought of brunch as a post party affair, normally slightly hung over from the night before, we would go in search of eggs royale, strong cups of coffee, bacon and maple syrup pancakes and sometimes a bloody Mary or two. Or if not the night before, post gym/early morning catch up with friends. That was until I went to LoveBrunch.

It started when a group of friends who met every weekend for brunch, slowly expanded until they reached almost twenty and realised they were on to something. As more friends joined them they started to hire out venues and all contributed towards drink, until it finally became a regular event and LoveBrunch was born and made available to the public. Always wanting to choose beautiful settings, the events have been held at a number of venues but over the summer it takes up residence at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

They aren’t the post party, they are the party. A glorious, lavish, all day party, yes it is glamorous and yes it is in the heart of Kensington but pretentious it is not, as the kitsch gold and red heart balloons and bubbles being blown everywhere paid testament to.  

We arrived at 1pm to find the party already getting going, no hangovers here, and if there were they were hidden by oversized sunglasses and the LoveBrunch trucker camps which everyone was trying to get their hands on. With the gardens basking in late August sun, and the world below cut out,  apart from the odd crane in the distance, which if you squinted you could pretend wasn’t there, we could have easily been outside of London and outside of England.

And then we partied, we danced to the djs (they change each event) got stuck into the burgers, we naturally opted for the Godfather, a beast of a burger filled with cheese, ham, gherkins, onion and mayonnaise, drank  Champagne courtesy of Perrier-Jouët (who have teamed up with LoveBrunch for the events) and Absolut Elyx vodka and hung out in the gardens with the other day time revellers including the cutest of ducklings walking around in the flowers.

With the Perrier-Jouët flowing from the beautiful Emile Galle Belle Epoque bottle design into the prettiest of champagne flutes around we danced until 6pm but we could have easily kept going right into the night. Luckily for all those who missed out or just want another day to party the LoveBrunch team are seeing off the summer with one final huzzah at the Roof Gardens on September 21st, see you there!