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Cocktail Masterclass at Mansion Bar and Parlour

A major part of the London bar scene is the drinks (obviously) but more specifically the cocktails, with punters perusing the menu for various alcoholic concoctions with varying degrees of luminosity and ability to get you sloshed. But have you ever imagined yourself behind the bar, putting Tom Cruise to shame with your ability to skilfully whiz the cocktail shaker around like a professional juggler?

Mansion Bar and Parlour is hosting a cocktail class that runs the first Thursday of every month but this is no ordinary cocktail class, oh no, this a Molecular and Carbonised Cocktail Masterclass! The Handbook is always looking out for new and exciting things to do in London so we knew we had to check this out.

The small class is held by two barmen who run guests through how to create 3 delicious cocktails, starting off with a classic before delving into the more adventurous. The second cocktail is created using a machine called Perlinni which carbonises the alcohol using nitrous gas. Mansion Bar are the first bar in the UK to use these devices.

The third and final cocktail is where you really start to feel like you’re back in chemistry class, except you can drink. Mansion Bar use argin which is mixed separately into a bath of calic. They then place the mixtures in two separate bowls before handing it over to guests where one substance is drawn into a syringe and slowly released into the second mixture creating solid droplets which become alcoholic and veggie friendly caviar! The caviar balls are then scooped up using a miniature sieve before being dropped into a champagne cocktail.

To join try this class for yourself email to check for availability as there are limited places. Tickets cost £30 per person which includes the class, 3 cocktails and selection of canapés. If you prefer to book a bespoke class, these are available upon request with a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 25 people.