Halloween Weekend at Raffles Chelsea

29th October 2013

To celebrate Halloween, Raffles Chelsea will be hosting a three-night tribute to Tim Burton: each night Raffles will take a different Tim Burton film as the theme, and guests are encouraged to dress up in Halloween outfits inspired by the characters in the film. The club will be extravagantly decorated to create a truly spooky atmosphere, so this is a chance to pull out all the stops with your outfit!

On Thursday 31st October, ‘Beetlejuice’ will be the theme film, so the dress code includes stripy suits, 80’s fashion, monsters, skeleteons, and of course, dead tour guides. The theme for Friday 1st November is ‘Dark Shadows’, so some ideas for fancy dress would be Victorian, deathly white skin and 70’s fashion. ‘Corpse Bride’ is the theme for Saturday 2nd November, so have a think about your get-up for that – we’re expecting a lot of white veils, dead flowers, and corpse-like makeup.

Open from 10.30pm till late, Raffles looks like the place to be this Halloween weekend, so start planning your show-stopping outfits now!


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