Charm School comes to The Cadogan Hotel

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 8th November 2013
Charm School comes to The Cadogan Hotel

Christmas is fast approaching and that means attending numerous parties, whether it is eating mince pies with long last relatives, making awkward conversation with your company director at the office party or drinking one too many mulled wines and making a move on that guy under the mistletoe.

It’s a social maze out there, but fear not Mien Magazine’s modern day Charm School is coming to the charming Cadogan Hotel in Knightsbridge to teach you the art of etiquette, culture, style and stop you committing any social faux pas!  

Starting on the 19th November the four sessions will cover everything from small talk at office parties and professional networking to the art of good posture and learning the basics of wine!  The sessions (which include treats and coffee) will take place without the distractions of modern gadgets, a step back from our hectic, busy lives to focus on social graces which we may sometimes forget. Come the festive parties, you’ll be acing it, just don’t overdo it on the mulled wine!

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