Press Play: Food and Film Nights at Tooting Tram and Social

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
15th November 2013

Press Play the guys behind the Sunday night cinema at Broadway House have announced their latest venture, which sees them joining up with Caiger & Co to bring a series of food and film nights at Tooting Tram and Social.

Alix ,the head chef and owner of Caiger & Co, has a growing reputation on the culinary scene, and her successful supper clubs which always sell out are testament to this! She will be cooking up some of the infamous Caiger Burgers as well as other beautiful dishes.

The first event a classic Wednesday night curry night is playfully titled Sagaloo Millonaire, where you’ve guessed it they will be serving up Sagaloo and showing Slumdog Millionaire. This will be followed by ‘One Flew Over the Chicken Breast’ and ‘The Legend of Ron Burger-dy’, how great are those names? Both of which will be held on Sunday nights making sure you squeeze every last second out of the weekend and don’t succumb to staying in and watching trashy television!

For full details click here

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