It’s universally known that when detoxing in January you’re allowed at least one day off a week – at least. We say that day off should be a midweek treat at Bunga Bunga, because every Wednesday throughout January they are hosting 5 a day evenings. Before you panic, this isn’t an evening of vegetables and fruit, far from it, no instead it is a karaoke and live music evening – well it is Bunga Bunga after all. The 5  a day comes in the form of the five must have Italian components on a night out: a glass of Prosecco, bruschetta, a glass of house wine, a margarita pizza and homemade gelato and all just for £20 – huzzah!

So join Uncle Bersculoni at Bunga Bunga, who really knows how to party and ditch the detox on Wednesdays!