Weekends in January: you don’t want to go outside – too miserable and wet, but you’ve watched all the box sets you got for Christmas already. Well how about getting a little art into your life, start the New Year off with a little more culture?

Well it is good news then that Print Sales at The Photographer’s Gallery in collaboration with The Hospital Club Gallery are launching a new exhibition this week, Ad Infinitum which will showcase the work of photographer Jessica Eaton.

Ad Infintum is Eaton’s debut London exhibition and features new works from her acclaimed series Cubes for Albers and LeWitt which started in 2010 and saw her win awards such as the Magenta Foundation Bright Spark Award for photographers from the UK, Canada and USA.

Eaton’s brightly coloured graphic images challenge classical definitions of film-based photography, as her work shifts the focus onto the photographic medium itself by deconstructing the various elements and effects involved in making photography. It calls in to question human’s perception, both the complexity and limitations of it.

In addition to the display in the Hospital Club Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery is also presenting Eaton’s Cubes for Albers and LeWitt 312 as part of its Touchstone programme. Touchstone is a quarterly display of a single photograph intended to encourage viewers to spend an extended amount of time with the work and respond to it through writing or drawing. The photograph is on display on the Eranda Studio floor until 4 February 2014.