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The Handbook

Detoxing and eating the right kinds of food can be a depressing thought when the weather is this miserable and it is dark before you leave for work. But what about if the food was already made for you, and it was being served in one of your favourite South Kensington restaurants? Suddenly seems much easier doesn’t it?

Good thing then that is exactly what Bumpkin is doing. Their new super healthy menu has been created by Julie Montagu – Julie Montagu, the Flexi Foodie: Yogini, Health Coach and Wellness Warrior. She is a firm believer that what you eat will affect your mood and your overall health.

The menu contains a selection of hydraulic cold press juices, which is like a turbo charge of vitamins and nutrients, flavours include The Lean Mean Green Machine and The Bloody Berry. But don’t get this confused with a berry version of the Bloody Mary – it contains red and yellow peppers, rhubarb, oranges, green kale and goji berries.

The main course is made up of a range of salads but forget limp lettuce and watery cucumber, this is all about superfoods and the right nutrients. Think braised celery, green lentils, wild mushrooms, granola clusters and chestnuts! Salads can either be ordered alone or with a helping of chargrilled chicken or prawns for that extra protein kick.

So as tempting as it is to carry on eating like you did at Christmas (and who wouldn’t want to in this weather?) – head over to Bumpkin and these foods are sure to sort out those  January blues.

The super-healthy menu is currently only at the South Kensington Bumpkin and launches at Bumpkin Chelsea 21st January and at Bumpkin Notting Hill 22nd January