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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 18th February 2014

Dirty Bones is a restaurant full of surprises, from its location in High Street Kensington where it is hidden away like a speakeasy, to the menu, which seems simple at first glance but hides very indepth preparation. 

We almost didn’t see the entrance as it only takes up a couple of doors width but once we had made our way down the darkened stairs we were surprised at how big it was, enough room for a bar and seating area plus a decent sized restaurant. The bar serves cutely named drinks like Deputy Dog and Mutt’s Nuts but the unsurprisingly clear winner was the Top Dog, a delicious mix of vodka, fresh strawberry, Chambord, Jaio prosecco and lemon.

The menu is uncomplicated with 6 ‘Dog’ options and 3 ‘Bones’ options plus various side dishes, all hotdogs are available in beef, pork or veggie. The hotdogs have been given specific toppings which they don’t advise you interchange as they have been purposefully chosen to give the best bite for bite flavour. A must have is the Burger Dog with aged bavette and beef fat mince, beer cheese, frenchies mustard and ketchup. The hotdogs are served individually and can be eaten on their own but why not make a meal out of it with a side of Triple cooked chips or Mac’n’Beer cheese? Although emphasis seems to be on the hotdogs you need to eat ribs, emphasis on the need. Delicious, flaky, melt in your mouth ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and spring onions, they are onto a real winner.

Keeping up the simplistic menu style there are only 3 dessert options, one of them being an espresso. The Milk and cookies is actually a chocolate cookie served with milk gelato in a glass with a straw, and the Coffee and doughnut is a doughnut with coffee gelato. The milk gelato cuts a creamy relief of the strong chocolate cookie, complimenting each other well.


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