The Handbook
The Handbook

The first thing that struck us about Far Rockaway was its size – it is vast, a mix of low tables, high  tables, little tables, trestle tables, sofas and bars, the next thing we  noticed was just how colourful it was. Every inch is decorated, whether it is graffiti art, skateboards lining the bar, neon lit up signs huge murals of world leaders or the album artwork that is plastered all over the bathroom walls.  And yet somehow it wasn’t overwhelming or garish which is always a bonus.

The menu is unashamedly American, no fine dining here – just lots of the good American diner style food –  buckets of 48 wings, 18 inch pizzas, beef salt sandwiches all served up simply or if you’re lucky on skate boards!

We started off with a range of the small bites – mac n cheese spring rolls, corn dogs and pretzels. The mac n cheese spring rolls – were pure, unadulterated guilty food – a crisp exterior filled with mac n cheese and served with more melted cheese, we could see why they were one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Brilliant. The mini corn dogs had the perfect fluffy exterior and were served with  homemade ketchup.

As part of the ‘bites’ section of the menu we were expecting mini pretzels, but they were quite large, doughy and seemed to be missing the sea salt dusting. New to the menu they need a little bit of tweaking or to be served with a little more flavour – but I am sure they will get there.

We followed this an enormous pizza – luckily on an Italian thin crust, thick dough would have been too indulgent we went for Garbage Pie topped with USA sausage, pancetta, artichoke, onion and mozzarella and crispy sweet potato fries

Pudding was slightly disappointing; a pecan pie and key lime pie were distinctively average in flavour but an Oreo and peanut butter and chocolate milkshake definitely made up for this.

The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed – they didn’t seem to mind toddlers running in and out behind the bar and clambering over the sofas and were attentive without being overbearing.

Far Rockaway, Shoreditch, I will definitely be back, I need more of those mac n cheese spring rolls!